The Grey Dream – New Episode 4.3 Steam

The Grey Dream
The Grey Dream – New Episode 4.3 Steam

After working in several small-time jobs and graduating from university, you got offered a semi-decent job in an international trading company. Meanwhile, life throws many opportunities down your way, it is up to you to decide. It’s time for you to wake up from the dream and face the world’s facts.?

Update: 13 January, 2024
Genre: Ren’py, Male Protagonist, Big Boobs, Seduction, Domaniation, Hardcore Sex, Voyeur, Sexy Girls, Animation, Doggystyle, Big Dick, Blowjob, Cumshot, Orgasm
Language: English, Russian, Turkish, Portugese (Brazil), Chinese (Simplefied)
Size: 4.07 Gb – Pc Version
Size: 551 Mb – Android Version
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v4.3 Steam
Menu fixes for Turkish and Russian.

v4.2 Steam
Bug fix for the “Meet Theodoro” achievement.

v4.1 Steam
Turkish and Russian translation fixes.
Achievement fix in Episode 2.

v4.0 Steam
-40 special renders
-fixes to the story
-ugfixes, save fixes
-a host of other changes

900+ Static renders
10+ new animations
2 Cinematics

600+ Static Renders
700+ Animation Frames

Ep.3 Full
Gallery bug fixes.
There are no additional scenes in the full release so if you download it before, we don’t advise you to download it again with the intention of seeing extra content.

v3.0 Early access
1000+ Static Renders
2000+ Animation Frame

The Grey Dream – Episode 2.1 – Helen Full Release!
Release Notes:
200+ Static Renders (Only Side Story)
Gallery Added
Bug Fixes
While we are working on the third episode, we wanted to share a little side story. We will keep updating the side story, but our main priority will be on the main story. Also, we will share the status update about the third episode this week.

1000+ Static Renders
1800+ Animation Frame
We still want to add a gallery and achievements to the game, that’s why this is a beta release. Also, we might add some new scenes and animations with the full release.

Episode 1:
270 Static Renders
550-600 Animation Frame




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